Ross Ice Shelf Geophysical and Glaciological Survey (RIGGS)


Map: Thomas et al., p. 23

Station Information: Thomas et al., p. 43-47. Latitude and Longitude reported in decimal degrees. Elevation and depth reported in meters. Dates are accurate to + or - 1 month.

Temperature and Depth: Thomas et al., p. 43-47. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. Temperatures measured at the bottom of 10 m holes, using a glass-bead thermistor and a D.C. Wheatstone's Bridge. Thermistors usually remained in the hole for at least one hour, often several hours. (Thomas et al., p. 33)

Accumulation: Thomas et al., p 43-47. Accumulation reported in cm of water equivelent.

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. For RIGGS survey values reported as (S) represent a single point measurement.

Data Sources

Thomas, R.H., D.R. MacAyeal, D.H. Eilers, and D.R. Gaylord, 1984. Glaciological Studies on the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 1972-1978. The Ross Ice Shelf: Glaciology and Geophysics Antarctic Research Series, vol. 42, Paper 2, 21-53, AGU.