Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) 12 and 13 1972-1973


Map: Yamada, 1975, Figure A

Station Information: Yamada, 1975, p. 145

Temperature and Depth: Yamada, 1975, p. 145. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. "A thermistor-thermometer which had been calibrated with a standard themometer at Syowa Station was placed in a vertical hole, 10 m deep, bored with a SIPRE-type hand auger. The Thermometer was read 4-8 hours after setting, when a thermal equilibrium was obtained. The accuracy of the measurement was + or -0.5C." (Yamada, 1975, p. 145)

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. Values reported as (S) represent a single point measurement. This measurement has not been corrected for short term thermal decay or annual thermal cycle.

Data Sources

Yamada, T., and H. Narita, 1975. Snow Temperature at 10 meters below the Surface in Mizuho Plateau. Jpn. Antarct. Res. Exped. Data Report, 27 (Glaciol.), 145.