Byrd Station to South Pole Traverse 1960-1961


Map: Brecher, 1964, p. 339.

Station Information: Brecher, 1964, p. 340. Latitude and Longitude reported in decimal degrees. Elevation and depth reported in meters.

Temperatures and Depth: Brecher, 1964, p. 340. Temperature reported in Celsius, depth is in meters. Temperature values are approximate mean annual air temperatures calculated by C. Bull (personal communication with Brecher). "They represent 10 m firn temperatures obtained by an extrapolation (based on the differences between 2 and 10 m temperatures at Byrd and Amundsen-Scott stations) of the average of the temperatures measured in the pits at 190 and 200 cm. Because of the assumptions in the extrapolation and the low precision of the dial thermometer readings, these estimates of mean annual temperature may be considerably in error (up to 2C)." (Brecher, 1964, p. 341-342)

Density: Range of Density Values for region: At 0-2 m range is 0.32-0.54. At 10 m range is 0.46-0.64, see Bentley et al., 1964, (Plates 6 and 7, bar graph). Density reported in g/cm3.

Accumulation: Brecher, 1964, p. 340. Accumulation reported in g/cm2 of water equivelant.

* Flag: Represents how temperature was derived. Values reported as (E) represent an extrapolated measurement.

** Average Density for 0-2 m. Bentley et al., 1964, Plate 6.

Data Sources

Bentley, C.R., R.L. Cameron, C. Bull, K. Kojima, and A.J. Gow, 1964. Physical Characteristics of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Antarc. Map Folio Ser., folio 2, Am. Geogr. Soc.

Brecher, H., 1964. Glaciological Observations on the Byrd Station-South Pole Traverse, 1960-1961. J. of Glaciol., 5(39), 339-343.