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What data subsetting, reformatting, and reprojection services are available for MODIS data?

The following table describes the data subsetting, reformatting, and ... Read more

How do I use the MODIS Reprojection Tool (MRT) with MODIS Level-3 Snow Cover Products?

There are several things to consider when using MRT with MODIS Level-3 ... Read more

Is it possible to create a "Vertical Perspective" projection map using ll2cr/fornav?

No. The "vertical perspective" projection, is not supported by the mapx ... Read more

What is MS2GT and what can it do?

The MODIS Swath-to-Grid Toolbox (MS2GT) is a set of software tools that ... Read more

Do you have code for reading MODIS data into MATLAB, IDL, Python, or NCL?

The HDF Group has example code for access and visualization of MODIS ... Read more

What are the limitations of MODIS data?

MODIS is an optical sensor, which has inherent limitations in observing ... Read more

What are the MODIS sensor's strongest attributes, and how do they compare to other sensors?

MODIS provides global coverage every one to two days in 36 spectral ... Read more

What is the lag time between observations and the availability of products?

The lag time between observations and availability of products is only ... Read more

Since Aqua and Terra have the same data products, which one should I use?

See the Terra vs. Aqua MODIS Data comparison Web page. Read more

How can I compare the latest version of data to an earlier version of data I used for a research project?

Due to differences in science quality of the products, users are ... Read more