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Where can I find AMSR2 data?

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) distributes AMSR2 data . ... Read more

What is AMSR-E Slow Rotation Data?

AMSR-E Slow Rotation Data is a research product distributed by the ... Read more

What is the difference between smoothed and unsmoothed data in the AE_L2A data set, and how should I use them together?

Each frequency is looking at a different size footprint. Each frequency ... Read more

How do I extract latitude and longitude information from AMSR-E sea ice data?

AMSR-E sea ice data sets are provided in the Polar Stereographic ... Read more

Why does the number of pixels per scan vary among different Level-2 AMSR-E data sets?

A typical AMSR-E swath width consists of approximately 2000 scans, with ... Read more

Is there a Level-1B AMSR-E data set available?

Yes. An AMSR-E Level-1B data set exists, but it is not available from ... Read more

How do the calibration coefficients differ between the Level-1A and Level-2A AMSR-E data sets?

The calibration coefficients and offsets for the AMSR-E/Aqua L1A Raw ... Read more

What is NOSE and how does it work with AMSR-E data?

AMSR-E Level-2A data files use a Nominal Orbital Spatial Extent (NOSE ... Read more

Do you have code for reading AMSR-E data into MATLAB, IDL, Python, or NCL?

The HDF Group has example code for access and visualization of AMSR-E ... Read more

Do you provide the algorithm source code for AMSR-E data?

Yes. This code is provided in files called Delivered Algorithm Packages ... Read more

Why are there holes at the poles, and why do they vary in size?

See the accompanying figure . The Aqua satellite travels along the ... Read more

What do the various levels of AMSR-E data represent?

The following table describes the different levels of AMSR-E data. ... Read more

Do you have antenna patterns for AMSR-E?

Yes. We archive antenna patterns for both AMSR-E/Aqua and AMSR/ADEOS-II ... Read more

How do AMSR and AMSR-E improve upon previous passive microwave radiometers?

First, the spatial resolution of AMSR/ADEOS-II and AMSR-E/Aqua data ... Read more

Do you have a listing of maneuvers for the Aqua satellite?

Yes. A listing of maneuvers that have occurred for the Aqua satellite, ... Read more

Why are there holes at the North and South Poles, and why are there different sizes in the ascending and descending grids?

See the accompanying figure . The Aqua satellite travels along the ... Read more

What format are the data in?

The Level-1A products are in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). The AMSR-E ... Read more

What data subsetting, reformatting, and reprojection services are available for AMSR-E data?

The following table describes the data subsetting, reformatting, and ... Read more

AMSRE - How To
How do I retrieve a time array from AE_L2A data?

Each AE_L2A data file has a time stamp for each scan. The time array is ... Read more

How do I import AMSR-E Daily Soil Moisture data into ArcGIS?

The following are instructions on how to import and display AMSR-E ... Read more

How can I read AMSR-E Level-2 Soil Moisture Data?

HDF-EOS defines three different data models – point, swath, and grid – ... Read more

How can I view AMSR-E data?

Note: These instructions do not apply to the Level-2B Soil Moisture ... Read more