SIPN Overview

Sea ice photograph

September 2012 in the Arctic. Courtesy: J. Stroeve

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) is a collaborative network of scientists and stakeholders working to improve and communicate sea ice prediction knowledge and tools. The Sea Ice Prediction Network seeks to answer:

  • What is the predictability of Arctic sea ice at regional and local level using statistical and modeling approaches?
  • Can predictions be substantially improved by merging different approaches?
  • How can we best observe the state of the ice and ocean to inform sea ice predictability?
  • How does a changing Arctic impact predictability?

NSIDC provides access to data sets needed for initializing and evaluating hindcast results from predictive models and algorithms, and to support development of a common reference framework for key sea ice variables and integrated datasets. Initial target data sets are listed below and will be refined through the course of the project.

  • Sea ice concentration/extent
  • Sea ice thickness
  • Sea ice type (ice age)
  • Sea ice drift

Sea Ice Prediction Network target data sets and related information are described on several Web pages, and can be accessed via the links on the left. The Web pages are described below.

  • Data Sets - Lists all the individual Sea Ice Prediction Network target data sets and provides links to the documentation for each data set.
  • General Audience - Lists Sea Ice Prediction Network data products in accessible text file formats.

If you are interested in participating in the sea ice prediction data activities, you can join the Sea Ice Prediction Network data action team by emailing Julienne Stroeve.

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