RAMP Basics

Below is some basic information about the RAMP Antarctic Mapping Mission 1 (AMM-1) mosaic images and structure. Included are an overview of the entire mosaic, the tiling scheme, and sample images of tiles and swaths.

Mosaic overview larger version (52K)
largest version (460K)

RAMP Mosaic Overview

An overview image of the entire Antarctic mosaic as surveyed from September through October 1997.
Tiling scheme larger version (104K)
largest version (188K)

RAMP Tiling Scheme

International Map of the World (IMW) 1:1,000,000 scale map sheet boundaries of Antarctica, showing the numbering convention adopted for the Antarctic Digital Database (ADD) Scale0 tiling scheme. Approximately 90 tiles comprise the overall mosaic, each tile corresponding roughly to one of the regions in the British Antarctic Survey's Antarctic Digital Database. Source: Antarctic Digital Database ADD Version 2.0 For more information, visit the Antarctic Digital Database Home Page.
Tile SU26-30 larger version (52K)
largest version (752K)

Tile SU26-30: Recovery Onset Area

This is an example of a tile, the unit of distribution for the full-resolution data. One of the main successes of the RAMP imaging campaign is the recognition that several East Antarctic glaciers, such as the Recovery, extend much farther into the ice sheet than was previously believed. Flow traces extending upstream from the area on the right side of this image reach nearly 1,000 kilometers inland from the Recovery Glacier grounding line.
Block 14 larger version (64K)
largest version (604K)

Block 14

This is a composite of swaths covering the Shirase, Siple, and Gould Coasts of West Antarctica, centered at about 82 South, 150 West. In processing the overall mosaic, images were first geolocated and radiometrically corrected in regional blocks. Twenty-five blocks were combined to produce the entire mosaic.

NOTE: Blocks were a step in generating the overall mosaic but are not among the deliverable products of RAMP. However, you are welcome to download the Block 14 images that are available from this Web site.