Data Sets

The following table shows the current RADARSAT products available from NSIDC. To access the data or guide documentation for a particular data set, click on the data set title in the table.

Title Spatial Coverage Temporal Coverage Parameter(s)
Compilation of Antarctic Radar Data, Siple Coast, 2000-2002, Version 1 N: -81, S: -84, E: -134, W: -158 2002/01/03 to 2002/01/28, 2000/11/11 to 2000/12/07 GLACIER MOTION/ICE SHEET MOTION, ICE FLOES, ICE SHEETS, SNOW STRATIGRAPHY
Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Digital Elevation Model, Version 2 N: -60, S: -90, E: 180, W: -180 1940/01/01 to 1999/01/01 CONTOUR MAPS, GLACIER ELEVATION/ICE SHEET ELEVATION, GLACIERS, GLACIER TOPOGRAPHY/ICE SHEET TOPOGRAPHY, ICE SHEETS
RAMP AMM-1 SAR Image Mosaic of Antarctica, Version 2 N: -60, S: -90, E: 180, W: -180 1997/09/01 to 1997/10/31 GLACIERS, ICE SHEETS, RADAR BACKSCATTER, RADAR IMAGERY, RADAR REFLECTIVITY, SIGMA NAUGHT