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Polar Stereographic Data

Data Sets in the Polar Stereographic Projection


NSIDC provides a large number of data sets in the polar stereographic projection, including brightness temperature and sea ice products.

NSIDC's polar stereographic projection specifies a projection plane or grid tangent to the Earth's surface at 70 degrees northern and southern latitude. While this increases the distortion at the poles by six percent and decreases the distortion at the grid boundaries by the same amount, the latitude of 70 degrees was selected so that little or no distortion would occur in the marginal ice zone.

This Web site provides information on NSIDC's polar stereographic projection. The pages of this Web site can be accessed with the navigation to the left. The Data Sets page describes NSIDC's current polar stereographic data product holdings. The Documentation: Polar Stereographic Projection and Grid Web page explain the projection in detail. For a listing of tools that work with NSIDC's polar stereographic data products, see the Tools page. For references and frequently asked questions, see the Published Research and FAQ pages, respectively.



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NSIDC offers a wide variety of sea ice products derived from passive microwave sensors and other sources.

NSIDC offers a wide variety of data products in the Equal Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid).