NSIDC provides software tools to extract and geolocate data in a polar stereographic projection derived from passive microwave instruments, as well as masking tools that limit the influence of weather effects on sea ice concentrations. All tools are available by FTP. The tools are categorized as follows:

  • Data Extraction Tools: The data extraction tools allow the user to extract and read the data from the data files.
  • Geocoordinate and Pixel-Area Tools: The Geocoordinate tools allow the user to obtain latitude/longitude coordinates from (i,j) coordinates and vice versa. The pixel-area tools allow the user to obtain the area of a given pixel.
  • Masks and Overlays: NSIDC provides land, region, and ocean masks and overlays that can be applied to the polar stereographic data files.

The tools work with the polar stereographic gridded passive microwave data sets at NSIDC. For a complete list of these data sets, see the Data Sets Web Page.