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European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) Dome C Ice Core Data, Version 1

This data set is a collection of analyses done on the the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA)Dome C ice cores. The data include deuterium and other chemistry, insoluble dust, ice grain radius, dielectric profiling, electrical conductivity, and timescales.

EPICA has completed one core in the Dome Concordia region (Core EDC96, started in 1996, 788 m length). Drilling is ongoing on a second core EDC99 (started in 1999, reached a depth of 3200 m during the 2002/2003 field season. The ice at this depth is estimated to be about 700,000 years old.)

  • Ice Core Records > Carbon Dioxide
  • Ice Core Records
  • Snow/Ice > Ice Depth/Thickness
  • Glaciers/Ice Sheets > Ice Sheets
  • Ice Core Records > Isotopes
  • Ice Core Records > Methane
  • Ice Core Records > Nitrous Oxide
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry
Spatial Coverage: Not specified
Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage: Not specified
Temporal Resolution: Not specified
Data Format(s): Not specified
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Eric Monnin, Eric Wollf, Jacqueline Fluckiger
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