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Antarctic Aerogeophysics Data, Version 1

The data that the Support Office for Aerogeophysical Research (SOAR) provides include various aerogeophysical measurements taken in the West Antarctic Ice Shelf (WAIS) from 1994 to 2001.

The instruments used in experiments include ice-penetrating radar, laser altimetry and magnetics, and an integrated aerogeophysical platform that includes airborne gravity with carrier-phase GPS to support kinematic differential positioning.

SOAR is a part of the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) and provides several types of data associated with various campaigns over the years. This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants: OPP-9120464, 9319369, 9319379, and 9911617.

NSIDC does not archive these data.

  • Glaciers/Ice Sheets > Glacier Topography/Ice Sheet Topography > GLACIER TOPOGRAPHY/ICE SHEET TOPOGRAPHY
  • Geodetics/Gravity > Gravitational Field > GRAVITATIONAL FIELD
  • Geodetics/Gravity > Gravity > GRAVITY
  • Snow/Ice > Ice Extent > ICE EXTENT
  • Glaciers/Ice Sheets > Ice Sheets > ICE SHEETS
  • Geomagnetism > Magnetic Anomalies > MAGNETIC ANOMALIES
  • Topography > Topographical Relief
Data Format(s):
Spatial Coverage:
N: -68.73, 
S: -75, 
E: 90, 
W: -90
Spatial Resolution:Not SpecifiedSensor(s):GRAVIMETERS, LIDAR, MAGNETOMETERS, RADAR
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 January 1994 to 31 December 2004
Temporal ResolutionNot specifiedMetadata XML:View Metadata Record
Data Contributor(s):Donald Blankenship, David Morse, John Holt, Ian Dalziel

Geographic Coverage

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