MOD29 and MYD29 Global Sea Ice Attributes, Version 5

The MOD29 and MYD29 sea ice product data files include three Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Core System (ECS) global attributes. These global attributes are stored as character strings in Parameter Value Language (PVL) format. Also, these global attributes as well as other attributes can be found in the associated metadata file, and are formatted as Extensible Markup Language (XML). The metadata file should be examined to determine if post-production changes were made to the metadata. Post-production metadata changes are not updated in the data file. Changes such as Quality Assessment (QA) updates are only reflected in the metadata file.

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Also known as inventory metadata, core metadata are used to populate the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) inventory, which allows users to locate granules of interest.

Object Name Comments Sample Value
ShortName Earth Science Data Type (ESDT), name of product. MOD29
VersionID ECS Version. 5
ReprocessingActual Number of times processed. reprocessed
ReprocessingPlanned Expect that products will be reprocessed at least once. further update is anticipated
LocalGranuleID MOD29.A2000055.1630.005.2006251012020.hdf
DayNightFlag Can be Day, Night, or Both. Night
ProductionDateTime Time granule was produced. 2006-09-08T01:20:21.000Z
LocalVersionID Version of algorithm delivered from the Science Computing Facility (SCF). SCF V5.0.1
PGEVersion Version of the Production Generation Executable (PGE). 5.0.5
InputPointer Location of the three input files in the production system. MOD021KM.A2000055.1630.005.2006251011238.hdf MOD35_L2.A2000055.1630.005.2006251011455.hdf MOD03.A2000055.1630.005.2006250020046.hdf
RangeBeginningDate Beginning date of the first scan line in the swath. 2000-02-24
RangeBeginningTime Beginning time of the first scan line in the swath. 16:30:00.000000
RangeEndingDate Ending date of the last scan line in the swath. 2000-02-24
RangeEndingTime Ending time of the last scan line in the swath. 16:35:00.000000
ExclusionGringFlag N
GringPointLatitude Geographic latitude bounds of swath coverage. 70.8882777954628
GringPointLongitude Geographic longitude bounds of swath coverage. 103.651253274833
GringPointSequenceNo 1, 2, 3, 4
OrbitNumber 995
EquatorCrossingLongitude -93.8082345793327
EquatorCrossingDate 2000-02-24
EquatorCrossingTime 16:59:59.017095
ParameterName Parameter for which QA statistics are given in this metadata object. Sea_Ice_by_Reflectance
AutomaticQualityFlag Result of automated checks during the run of the algorithm that screens for significant amounts of anomalous data. Passed
AutomaticQualityFlagExplanation Explanation of result of automated QA checks made during execution. No automatic quality assessment done in the PGE
ScienceQualityFlag Set by snow investigator after post-production investigation. Not investigated
ScienceQualityFlagExplanation Explanation of Science Flag. Visit for the product Science Quality status.
QAPercentMissingData 0-100 0
QAPercentCloudCover 0-100 78
AncillaryInputPointer Location of geolocation input product in production system. MOD03.A2000055.1630.005.2006250020046.hdf
AncillaryInputType Type of ancillary data referenced by pointer. Geolocation
AssociatedSensorShortName MODIS
AssociatedPlatformShortName Terra
AssociatedInstrumentShortName MODIS


CoreMetadata.0 Product Specific Attributes (PSAs)

The CoreMetadata.0 product specific metadata attributes can be found by using most search tools. Also, when using certain interfaces for tile numbers, these attributes may be used as search criteria to restrict searches.

Object Name
Sample Value
QAPercentGoodQuality Summary quality assessment statistic based on the thermal data. Range is 0-100. 100
QAPercentOtherQuality 0
GranuleNumber Unique granule identifier. 200
SeaIcePercent Summary percentage of sea ice detected (0-100), or not a number (nan). nan



This attribute contains information relevant to production of the data product. It also contains an alternate bounding of geographic coverage of the swath. These data are useful in determining what version of the algorithm was used to generate the product.

Object Name Comment Sample Value
EastBoundingCoordinate Extent of swath coverage in latitude and longitude 160.930189011806
WestBoundingCoordinate 5.34047068143603
NorthBounding Coordinate 89.0155141245487
SouthBounding Coordinate 63.2960890323115
AlgorithmPackageAcceptanceDate Algorithm descriptors 05-2005
AlgorithmPackageMaturityCode Normal
AlgorithmPackageName MOD29_PR29
AlgorithmPackageVersion 5
InstrumentName Moderate-Resolution Imaging SpectroRadiometer
PlatformShortName Terra
ProcessingDateTime 2006-09-08T01:20:21.000Z
LongName MODIS/Terra Sea Ice Extent 5-Min L2 Swath 1km
Processing Center MODAPS
SPSOParameters none
LocalInputGranuleID Names of the three input files MOD021KM.A2000055.1630.005.2006251011238.hdf
DESCRRevision Version of Metadata Configuration File (MCF) 5.0


These attributes specify the content and structure of an HDF-EOS file and are not discussed further here. For more information, please see the 2001 white paper titled An HDF-EOS and Data Formatting Primer for the ECS Project.


Product Specific Attributes

These attributes are specific to the MOD29 and MYD29 sea ice product.

Attribute Name Comment Sample Value
L1BCalibrationQuality marginal
L1BNadirPointing Y
L1BVersionID Version of L1B processing algorithm 2000-02-24
L1BAutoQA_EV_1KM_RefsB Result of generalized quality analysis of L1B data Suspect
SCFAlgorithmVersion SCF versioning tracking information $Id: MOD_PR29_AA...