#!/usr/bin/perl -w

# $Id:,v 1.2 2001/05/14 14:38:20 haran Exp $

# - defines usage message
# 14-May-2001 T. Haran 303-492-1847
# National Snow & Ice Data Center, University of Colorado, Boulder


$mod10_l2_usage = "\n
USAGE: dirinout tag listfile gpdfile
                  [chanlist [latlonlistfile [keep [rind]]]]
       defaults:      1          none         0     50

  dirinout: directory containing the input and output files.
  tag: string used as a prefix to output files.
  listfile: text file containing a list of MOD10_L2 files to be gridded.
  gpdfile: .gpd file that defines desired output grid.
  chanlist: string specifying channel numbers to be gridded. The default
            is 1, i.e. grid channel 1 only. The channel numbers are:
              1: snow Snow Cover - 8-bit unsigned
              2: snqa Snow Cover PixelQA - 8-bit unsigned
  latlonlistfile: text file containing a list of MOD02 or MOD03 files whose
                  latitude and longitude data should be used in place of the
                  latlon data in the corresponding MOD10_L2 files in listfile.
                  The default is \"none\" indicating that the latlon data in
                  each MOD10_L2 file should be used without substitution.
  keep: 0: delete intermediate chan, lat, lon, col, and row files (default).
        1: do not delete intermediate chan, lat, lon, col, and row files.
  rind: number of pixels to add around intermediate grid to eliminate
        holes in final grid. Default is 50.\n\n";

# this makes the routine work properly using require in other programs
NSIDC has determined that the browse images for this data set contain errors. The science granules are unaffected. We have removed the browse images until the data provider corrects the problem and resends new files. Although we are currently unable to estimate when the reprocessing will be complete, NSIDC will make the new images available as soon as they are delivered.