MASIE - Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)

Where is Arctic sea ice NOW?

To give you the best available Arctic-wide answer to the above question, the MASIE (may-zee) product is produced in cooperation with the U.S. National Ice Center.

MASIE lets you view and download:

  • Northern Hemisphere-wide sea ice coverage since 01 Oct. 2006
  • GeoTIFF and shapfile sea ice coverage by region
  • A file of sea ice extent in both 1 and 4 sq km grids for the entire Northern Hemisphere and by region, updated daily

MASIE uses the most recent full day of data from the National Ice Center, obtained nightly. As is the rule with operational centers, gaps in production can occur without warning.

NSIDC has received support to develop MASIE but not to maintain MASIE. We are actively seeking support to maintain the product over the long term. If you find MASIE helpful, please let us know with a quick message to NSIDC User Services.

Download Daily Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent:

Download Sea Ice Extent Values:  Comma Separated Values (CSV) file

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