MASIE - Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)
NOTICE: The input data for MASIE that comes from the IMS Daily Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Analysis product created at the National Ice Center (NIC) contains corrupted data for 13 July 2016. NIC is working to reprocess the bad data, but they will not have this done immediately. In the meantime, the bad day of data has been removed from the MASIE time series. The IMS product is a near-real-time operational data set, and as is the rule with operational centers, gaps in production can occur without warning. For a complete list of all gaps in the MASIE time series see the file masie-missing-files-list.txt. Normal forward processing should resume 14 July 2016. Contact NSIDC User Services with any questions.
MASIE Northern Hemisphere regions
MASIE Region 1: Beaufort Sea MASIE Region 2: Chukchi Sea MASIE Region 3: East Siberian Sea MASIE Region 4: Laptev Sea MASIE Region 5: Kara Sea MASIE Region 6: Barents Sea MASIE Region 7: Greenland Sea MASIE Region 8: Baffin Bay/Gulf of St. Lawrence MASIE Region 9: Canadian Archipelago MASIE Region 10: Hudson Bay MASIE Region 11: Central Arctic MASIE Region 12: Bering Sea MASIE Region 13: Baltic Sea MASIE Region 14: Sea of Okhotsk MASIE Region 15: Yellow Sea MASIE Region 16: Cook Inlet

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