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Select your region of interest on the map below to view a PNG file of the most recent ice extent for that region.

MASIE Northern Hemisphere regions

MASIE Region 1: Beaufort SeaMASIE Region 2: Chukchi SeaMASIE Region 3: East Siberian SeaMASIE Region 4: Laptev SeaMASIE Region 5: Kara SeaMASIE Region 6: Barents SeaMASIE Region 7: Greenland SeaMASIE Region 8: Baffin Bay/Gulf of St. LawrenceMASIE Region 9: Canadian ArchipelagoMASIE Region 10: Hudson BayMASIE Region 11: Central ArcticMASIE Region 12: Bering SeaMASIE Region 13: Baltic SeaMASIE Region 14: Sea of OkhotskMASIE Region 15: Yellow SeaMASIE Region 16: Cook Inlet

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