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ICESat / GLAS Data

Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation / Geoscience Laser Altimeter System

Preliminary ICESat/GLAS Data

This page describes the preliminary versions of NASA ICESat/GLAS products first released on 31 October 2003. Refer to User Acknowledgement on ICESat/GLAS Data Releases for important disclaimer information about Version 12 data. These are eight-day products that fall within the following range:

Start Date:
Track 1
2003-03-12 (Day 071)
02:52:00 UTC
    Stop Date:
Track 119
2003-03-20 (Day 079)
01:00:08 UTC

Orbital Tracks

The following ICESat orbital tracks pertain only to the preliminary data. Click on the thumbnails to see larger figures.

ICESat orbital tracks over Greenland
ICESat orbital tracks over Antarctica
ICESat Global orbital tracks

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