Product Format and Definition Changes with Release-22

NOTE: References to GLAS binary product names GLA01 to GLA15 refer to original GLAS binary data, and are retained here for informational and provenance purposes. Access to GLAS binary data was removed 01 August, 2017. All GLAS data are available in HDF5 format, products GLAH01 to GLAH15.

  • The listings for GLA01, GLA05, and GLA07 changed to indicate they are now a pass-through for i_OrbFlg
  • The listings for GLA02 and GLA07 changed to indicate they are now a pass-through for i_g_TxNrg_qf and i_ir_TxNrg_qf
  • The product units for i_RMSpulseWd changed from "ns" to "100 ns" in GLA05
  • In GLA05, the variable i_spare6 was changed and a new saturation index variable, i_satNdx, was added. This represents the count of the number of gates in a waveform that have an amplitude greater than or equal to i_satNdxTh (a variable in ANC07). This saturation index variable has a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 255. Values greater than 255 are reset to 255 before being written to the product
  • The variable i_FrameQF is now a pass-through for GLA05
  • The description changed for i_beam_azimuth in GLA05 and GLA07.
  • For GLA07, product units changed to e11/(m-sr) for i5_ir_bscs, i40_ir_bscs, i_g_mbscs, and i_ir_mbscs
  • The maximum value for i_OrbFlg changed to 128 in GLA01, GLA02, and GLA05