ICESat/GLAS Data Dictionaries

HDF5 Data Dictionaries

GLAS HDF5 Data Dictionaries
Product Long Name Data Dictionary
GLAH01 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH01 Data Dictionary
GLAH02 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Atmosphere Data (HDF5) GLAH02 Data Dictionary
GLAH03 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Engineering Data (HDF5) GLAH03 Data Dictionary
GLAH04 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Laser Pointing Data (HDF5) GLAH04 Data Dictionary
GLAH05 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Waveform-based Range Corrections Data (HDF5) GLAH05 Data Dictionary
GLAH06 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Elevation Data (HDF5) GLAH06 Data Dictionary
GLAH07 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Elevation Data (HDF5) GLAH07 Data Dictionary
GLAH08 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Planetary Boundary Layer and Elevated Aerosol Layer Heights (HDF5) GLAH08 Data Dictionary
GLAH09 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Cloud Heights for Multi-layer Clouds (HDF5) GLAH09 Data Dictionary
GLAH10 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Aerosol Vertical Structure Data (HDF5) GLAH10 Data Dictionary
GLAH11 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Thin Cloud/Aerosol Optical Depths Data (HDF5) GLAH11 Data Dictionary
GLAH12 GLAS/ICESat L2 Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheet Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH12 Data Dictionary
GLAH13 GLAS/ICESat L2 Sea Ice Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH13 Data Dictionary
GLAH14 GLAS/ICEsat L2 Global Land Surface Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH14 Data Dictionary
GLAH15 GLAS/ICESat L2 Ocean Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH15 Data Dictionary