ICESat-2 Product Descriptions

ICESat-2 processing flow
Figure 1. ICESat-2 data processing workflow from lowest to highest processing level. Color indicates processing level (click to expand).

ATLAS/ICESat-2 processing begins with two Level-1 products: ATL01, which computes photon times of flight and ATL02 which corrects them for temperature and voltage effects.

The collection then branches out into two, Level-2 scientific data sets: one which reports latitude, longitude, and elevation for each photon (ATL03), and a second with atmospheric profiles of normalized relative backscatter.

Beyond that, the ATLAS/ICESat-2 Level-3 products comprise surface-specific data sets for land ice, sea ice, the atmosphere, vegetation and land, and oceans and inland water.

The following Data Product Descriptions provide brief summaries of all the planned ICESat-2 data products. A complete description is available for each product in the corresponding Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's ICESat-2 Data Products web page. NASA updates the ATBDs on this page periodically to remain consistent with the latest product versions.

Data Product Descriptions