Information for Operation IceBridge Data Providers

The following table lists links to detailed information for preparation of Operation IceBridge (OIB) data sets for submission to NSIDC. To access information, click on the title under OIB Data Submission Information.

Note on submitting flight reports: For flights occuring after 30 September 2012, use the NASA Airborne Sciences flight report tool (requires NAS login). For flights that occured prior to 30 September 2012, use the NSIDC OIB Flight Report Tool.

OIB Data Submission Information Description
Data Manifest Template Text file template for data providers to provide NSIDC with data set information. The data manifest is required for every batch of transferred data from providers to NSIDC. Without the manifest, NSIDC may not have the information necessary to ingest the data in a timely manner.

Manifest information includes: data provider's Organization Name, Contact Email Address, Date Sent, Data Set Title, Campaign (Region/year), Method Of Data Transfer (Ftp, HardDrive, etc), Data Type(s) (.mat, .pdf, .jpeg, etc), Total Number Of Files, Total Size Of Data (mb), Type Of Checksum (MD5 or CKSUM), File Names, File Sizes, File Checksum.
NASA Science Flight Report Tool *For flights occurring after 30 September 2012* NASA Science Report tool to be used by OIB flight managers to submit flight reports and metadata to NAS. NSIDC will obtain the submitted reports and metadata automatically from NAS. Requires NAS login. See: Instructions for NASA Science Report Submissions.
NSIDC OIB Flight Report Tool *For flights that occurred prior to 30 September 2012* NSIDC Operation IceBridge Flight Report Tool to be used by OIB flight managers to submit flight reports and metadata to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, only for data collected prior to September 30, 2012.
Level Definitions for EOS and IceBridge Standard Data Products Definitions of Earth Observing System (EOS) Standard Data Product (SDP) levels, and Operation IceBridge SDP levels.
Operation IceBridge Standard Projections for Gridded Data Information about standard projections for Operation IceBridge projected gridded data types.
Operation IceBridge File Naming Conventions Details on file naming conventions for Operation IceBridge data files.

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