Evaluation Products

IceBridge Evaluation Products are derived from published IceBridge data sets, and are made available to the public for review and exploration of their usefulness and appropriateness for further study and research. An evaluation product is not a fully-supported data set, and may only be available for a limited period. After further investigation and analysis, some evaluation products may be added to the current archive of published IceBridge data products.

Following is a list of the NASA IceBridge Evaluation Products currently available from NSIDC DAAC. Additional products are expected to be added in the coming months. To access the data and documentation, click on the data set title.

Contact NSIDC User Services for more information on the availability of data.

For a current list of IceBridge data by campaign, date, flight number, target, and instruments, see the Campaign Summaries page. For a list of IceBridge instruments with data provider contact information, see the Instrument Data Summaries page.