Level Definitions for EOS and IceBridge Standard Data Products

The following table defines Earth Observing System (EOS) Standard Data Product (SDP) levels, and Operation IceBridge SDP levels. The EOS SDP level definitions are from the NASA 2006 Earth Science Reference Handbook.

SDP Level EOS SDP Level Definition IceBridge SDP Level Definition
Level 0 Reconstructed, unprocessed instrument/payload data at full resolution; any and all communications artifacts, e.g., synchronization frames, communications headers, duplicate data removed. In most cases these data are provided by EDOS to a DAAC as Production Data Sets for processing to the SDPs in the DAAC or by the SIPSs to produce the higher-level products. Raw, unprocessed instrument data. Detailed definition TBD.
Level 1A Reconstructed, unprocessed instrument data at full resolution, time-referenced, and annotated with ancillary information, including radiometric and geometric calibration coefficients and georeferencing parameters, e.g., platform ephemeris, computed and appended but not applied to the Level 0 data. Not used.
Level 1B Level 1A data that have been processed to sensor units (not all instruments have Level 1B data products). Geolocated, quality-controlled primary along-track product, with artifacts removed. Alternative Level 1B data that has been processed to a standard format to allow comparison or intercalibration between IceBridge instruments will also be served at this Level.
Level 1BX Not used. Level 1B data that has been processed to a standard format suitable for comparison or intercalibration between IceBridge instruments.
Level 2 Derived geophysical variables at the same resolution and location as the Level 1 source data. Derived geophysical variables at the same or similar resolution as the Level 1 source data. Some aggregation is possible. This is commonly a standard product produced by the Instrument Team.
Level 3 Variables mapped on uniform space-time grids, usually with some completeness and consistency. Same as EOS
Level 4 Model output or results from analyses of lower level data, e.g., variables derived from multiple measurements. Same as EOS

As described in the NASA 2006 Earth Science Reference Handbook:

The various levels of data referred to in this document are identical to those defined by the EOSDIS Data Panel, and are consistent with the Committee on Data Management, Archiving, and Computing (CODMAC) definitions. For some instruments, there will be no Level 1B product that is distinct from the Level 1A product. In these cases, the reference to Level 1B data can be assumed to refer to Level 1A data.

All EOS instruments must have Level 1 SDPs; most have products at Level 2 and Level 3; and some have Level 4 SDPs. Some EOS Interdisciplinary Science Investigations have also generated Level 4 SDPs. Specifications for the set of SDPs to be generated are reviewed by EOSPSO and NASA Headquarters to ensure completeness and consistency in providing a comprehensive science data output for EOS. Standard data products are produced at DAACs or SIPSs.