Southern Hemisphere Footprints

The Southern Hemisphere Footprints is a visualization of the GoLIVE Landsat 8 path/row footprints over the southern hemisphere. All of the World Reference System Version 2 (WRS-2) path/row footprints south of 63 degrees S., which is most of the footprints shown in this slide show, are gridded with a spatial resolution of 300 meters using a single Polar Stereographic projection for each grid, with the latitude of true scale set to 71 degrees S.; the rest use the same UTM scheme discussed in the Northern Hemisphere Footprint slide show image.

Note the similar pattern of footprint overlap as was seen in the Northern Hemisphere Footprint slide show image, and the lack of Landsat 8 image acquisitions south of about 82.65 degrees south latitude. While there are very few glaciers north of the Landsat 8 northern limit, there is a sizable fraction of the Ross ice shelf and the East Antarctic icesheet for which GoLIVE cannot compute velocities.

The apparent gap in GoLIVE coverage in the vicinity of the international date line is an artifact of the software used to construct this image. In reality, there is no such gap in GoLIVE coverage.