Northern Hemisphere Footprints

The Northern Hemisphere Foothprints image is a visualization of the GoLIVE Landsat 8 World Reference System Version 2 (WRS-2) descending node (daytime) footprints over the northern hemisphere. Each footprint corresponds to a unique Landsat 8 path/row image which is acquired once every 16 days. GoLIVE computes velocities using only image pairs from the same path/row acquired with a temporal spacing of some integer multiple of 16 days up to a maximum of 400 days.

Note that there is considerable overlap between the footprints, and that the overlap increases dramatically as one moves closer to the pole. Note also the lack of Landsat 8 image acquisitions north of about 82.65 degrees north latitude.

The GoLIVE NetCDF file corresponding to each WRS-2 path/row footprint shown here consists of a grid of velocity data having a spatial resolution of 300 meters. The location of each data point within the grid is defined by a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection, whose UTM zone is determined by the latitude and longitude of the center of the path/row footprint.

High-resolution Image

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