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Geocryogenic Landforms and Processes on Marian Island, Southern Indian Ocean, Version 1

This study assessed the environmental controls, active processes, and resulting landforms of geomorphological phenomena on Marian Island that have a high paleoclimatic indicator value as relict landforms in southern African mountain regions. The data set includes determination of temperature and moisture conditions during cold phases of the Pleistocene. Parameters include soil temperature (at +10 cm, -1 cm, -5 cm, -10 cm, -20 cm and -40 cm at one hour intervals) and sediment movement at four sites. This data set is at risk of being lost.

Geographic Coverage

  • Soils > Soil Temperature
  • Frozen Ground > Soil Temperature
Spatial Coverage:
  • N: -46.8194, S: -47.1306, E: 38.05, W: 37.7306

Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 May 1996 to 30 June 2005
Temporal Resolution: Not specified
Data Format(s):
  • Microsoft Excel
Platform(s) Not specified
Sensor(s): Not specified
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Steve Holness, Jan Boelhouwers
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