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Response of Tundra Ecosystems to Altered Snow Regimes, Toolik Lake, Alaska, and Niwot Ridge, Colorado, Version 1

This study investigated the effects of field manipulations of winter precipitation and summer temperature on species performance, community structure, and ecosystem C and N dynamics. Parameters include ground temperatures at the surface and 15 cm along a gradient of snow depths, snow depth, soil temperatures at 10 cm intervals at
several sites in drifts and unimpacted vegetation sites, and active layer thickness. Temperature profiles were monitored continuously. Snow depths were monitored in a grid behind snow fences and in a 1 x 1 km grid surrounding the fence sites. Active layer was monitored at theend of the season. These data are part of the International Tundra
Experiment (ITEX) network.

Geographic Coverage

  • Frozen Ground > Active Layer
  • Precipitation > Snow
  • Snow/Ice > Snow Cover
  • Snow/Ice > Snow Depth
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Temperature
  • Soils > Soil Temperature
  • Frozen Ground > Soil Temperature
Spatial Coverage:
  • N: 68, S: 40, E: -105, W: -148

Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage: Not specified
Temporal Resolution: Not specified
Data Format(s): Not specified
Platform(s) Not specified
Sensor(s): Not specified
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Marilyn Walker, Donald (Skip) Walker, Jeff Welker, Tim Seastedt, Bill Krantz
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