Data Pool

Data Pool Glossary

This glossary defines some words related to using the Data Pool.

Chunk Size

The amount of data returned at one time.


Distributed Active Archive Center

Data Product

A collection (one or more) of parameters packaged with associated ancillary and labeling data.


Drill-down refers to the search process, or going deeper into the hierarchy of search parameters to find data.


The EOSDIS Core System.


EOSDIS is the Earth Observing System Data and Information System. At present, EOSDIS manages data from NASA's Earth science research satellites and field measurement programs, providing data archival, distribution, and information management services. EOSDIS commands and controls satellites and instruments, and generates useful products from orbital observations. EOSDIS also generates data sets by assimilating satellite and in situ observations into global climate models.


ESDT stands for Earth Science Data Type and is the primary means by which EOSDIS identifies the major emphasis of the content of a data collection. For example, MOD10A1.3 refers to the MODIS/Terra Snow Cover Daily L3 Global 500m ISIN Grid, Version 3 data set.


The smallest aggregation of data that is independently managed (described, inventoried, and retrieved) within the Data Pool.


A universal reference (UR) or unique identifier for a granule. GranuleURs are unique across the ECS DAACs.


A description of the content, format, and utility of a data set.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Also know as ScienceQualityFlag, this attribute has one of six possible values reflecting the quality of the chosen Measured Parameter.

Spatial Resolution

Indicates the level of granularity of the data.

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