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Currently, NSIDC is not distributing AVHRR Polar Pathfinder data sets due to errors in the data. If you have further questions, please contact NSIDC User Services by e-mail or telephone at +1 303.492.6199.

NSIDC maintains and distributes a variety of AVHRR data products, including a collection of AVHRR Polar Pathfinder data. We also use AVHRR Level-1B imagery to monitor developing melt ponds and ice sheet breakup in Antarctica. The tables below list these data offerings and provide links to order data and view documentation.

AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Data

All AVHRR products from the NOAA/NASA Pathfinder Program at NSIDC are in 1-byte and 2-byte integer grid format.

Data Set ID
Data Set Title
NSIDC-0066 AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Twice-Daily 5 km EASE-Grid Composites
NSIDC-0094 AVHRR Polar Pathfinder Twice-Daily 25 km EASE-Grid Composites

Other AVHRR Data at NSIDC

Data Set ID
Data Set Title
NSIDC-0026 AVHRR Leads-ARI Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures