Latitude-Longitude Grids

Some NSIDC data are provided in a latitude-longitude grid. The grid resolution, coverage, and size (rows and columns) may vary.

Geolocation Tools

The table below provides links to gzipped tar files containing geolocation tools that are applicable to the specified data set(s). These tools include map projection parameters (.mpp files), grid parameter definitions (.gpd files), and latitude-longitude binary files. Latitude and longitude are provided in hundred thousandths of degrees (one meter precision). Values are in decimal degrees scaled by 100,000.

Table 1. Links to gzipped Tar Files Containing Geolocation Tools
Data Set Grid Coverage and Resolution File
AMSR-E/Aqua Daily Global Quarter-Degree Gridded Brightness Temperatures Cylindrical, equidistant latitude-longitude Global, 0.25° 0.25degree_geolocation.tar.gz

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References and Related Publications

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