About Soil Moisture Experiment 2003 (SMEX03)

Coverage map

Approximate coverage of the AMSR-E instrument on 17 July 2003, as indicated by yellow circles. Bright green areas indicate in situ field experiments. Image courtesy of NSIDC.

SMEX03 is a continuation of the SMEX02 work in different geographic areas. The SMEX03 campaign was carried out in Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama, USA between 23 June and 18 July 2003, and in Brazil during the first two weeks of December 2003. The image at right shows AMSR-E coverage (indicated by yellow circles) on 17 July 2003 while the field work was being done. The bright green areas in the image indicate the locations in situ field experiments.

During SMEX03, teams of scientists, college students, and volunteers conducted soil moisture and temperature, ground cover type, and plant height measurements. In this way, students and volunteers gained both hands-on experience in field application research and soil sample analysis in the laboratory while benefitting the campaign. Figure 1 is a photograph of the sampling team from the Georgia SMEX03 site.

In addition to the field work, SMEX03 includes aircraft-based research that measures brightness temperatures. The field and airborne data will be combined and used to validate data from the AMSR-E instrument. The photograph in Figure 2 shows one of the research aircraft, NASA's P-3B, a four-engine turboprop.

To view data and documentation, see SMEX03 Data.

Group photo

Figure 1. The Georgia SMEX03 Sampling Team
Image courtesy of NSIDC.


Figure 2. NASA's P-3B Turboprop Aircraft
Image courtesy of NSIDC.

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