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Rainfall rate taken by the WSR-88D radar in Eureka, CA
Rainfall rate taken by the WSR-88D radar in Eureka. Image courtesy of David Wolff of Goddard Space Flight Center and the AMSR-E Science Team.

Eureka, CA, USA NEXRAD/Gauge Site

A Next Generation Radar/Weather Surveillance Radar-88 Doppler (NEXRAD/WSR-88D) and a small rain gauge network in Eureka, California USA provided ground validation data for AMSR-E Rainfall Validation efforts. Gauges were installed 24-28 August 2000 in clusters of varying density to determine a best estimate of a true rain rate through measurement redundancy. The WSR-88D radar has a measurement range radius of 150-200 km. It measures instantaneous rain rate, stratiform/convective rain type, and five-day and monthly rain accumulation, in addition to radar reflectivity, with a 2 km resolution for most products.

For more information on NEXRAD, visit the NOAA Radar Operations Center Web site.

Eureka NEXRAD Data

NEXRAD Rainfall Data: Eureka, California

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