BALTEX Gauge/Radar Experiment

The Baltic Sea Experiment's (BALTEX) Radar Data Centre (BRDC), operated by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), aims to collect data from as many radars in or near the Baltic region as possible. During the Main Observational Phase (October 1999 through February 2002), data from 25 radars in six countries covered the Baltic region every 15 minutes. High-latitude data are recorded from 50 to 70 degrees North and they complement pre-existing efforts in the mid-latitudes and tropics. BALTEX data sets are used for validation of AMSR-E data, as well as AMSU/HSB Level 1 brightness temperatures and Level 2 cloud and precipitation parameters.

For more information about BALTEX radar data, visit the BALTEX Radar Data Centre Web site.

BALTEX Rainfall Data

Baltic Sea Experiment (BALTEX) Ground-Based Radar Polar Volume Data

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