East Antarctic Sea Ice Campaign

Antarctica mapMap is SSMI EASE-GRID South 12.5 KM resolution, 1:2 scale. The map was created using NSIDC's former JazPanel tool.

The East Antarctic Sea Ice Campaign is a collaborative project focused on using surface, near-surface, and various satellite data in order to assess the accuracy of AMSR-E satellite data and AMSR-E derived sea ice products, namely sea ice concentration, snow cover thickness and ice-surface temperature products.

The project's Principal Investigator, Dr. Rob Massom, of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems (ACE) Cooperative Research Centre at the University of Tasmania, led the ship campaign onboard the Australian icebreaker Research Vessel (R/V) Aurora Australis. The campaign was conducted from 11 September 2003 to 30 October 2003, with much of October 2003 dedicated solely to AMSR-E sea ice validation. Field experiments involved in situ data collection and helicopters equipped with aerial cameras, thermal infrared (IR) radiometers, and electromagnetic induction systems. The project also incorporated radiative transfer modeling and sensitivity studies.

The data collection strategy for the sea ice component of the campaign was to obtain measurements within a 75 by 100 km sampling grid in order to approximate the locations of AMSR-E 12.5 km and 25 km data product pixels, the locations of which were tracked by buoys for the entire experiment to account for ice drift. In addition, thermistor strings attached to several buoys provided additional data on the temporal variability of air, ice, and snow temperature.

The map at top right shows the approximate area covered by the sea ice component of the campaign. For more details regarding this voyage of the R/V Aurora Australis, refer to the "2003/04 V1 - ARISE" page on the Australian Antarctic Data Centre (AADC) Web site.

East Antarctic Sea Ice Data

Data are in the process of being organized and will be distributed via this site. If you have questions, please contact NSIDC User Services.

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