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Englacial Layers and Attenuation Rates across the Ross and Amundsen Sea Ice-Flow Divide (WAIS Divide), West Antarctica, Version 1

This data set contains the results of a model study of spatial variations of ice temperature and subglacial conditions using available ice-penetrating radar data around a future deep ice coring site near the Ross and Amundsen flow divide of West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The model data are based on radar data collected by the Support Office of Aerogeophysical Research (SOAR) at the University of Texas, and the University of Washington, in 2000. The data include values for attenuation estimates for individual radar profiles.

Data are available via FTP in MATLAB (.mat) and Portable Document (.pdf) formats.

NSIDC does not archive these data.

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Data Format(s):
  • MAT
Spatial Coverage:
N: -79.47, 
S: -79.47, 
E: -112.09, 
W: -112.09
Platform(s):Not specified
Spatial Resolution:Not SpecifiedSensor(s):Not specified
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 May 2004 to 30 April 2010
Temporal ResolutionNot specifiedMetadata XML:View Metadata Record
Data Contributor(s):Charles Raymond, Kenichi Matsuoka

Geographic Coverage

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Detailed Data Description


Data are available in MATLAB (.mat) format. Supporting information is available in Portable Document Format (.pdf).

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File and Directory Structure

Data are available on the FTP site in the directory. Within this directory, there are 19 MATLAB (.mat) files, and two supporting documents in .pdf format.

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File Naming Convention

Files are named according to the following convention and as described in Table 1:



Table 1. File Naming Convention
Variable Description
DD Region name, corresponding to file names of the original SOAR radar profiles.
NW: Northwest
SE: Southeast
CC: Central
XNN Number corresponding to a radar track in each region. The radar tracks are identified in Figure 1 of the Note_WAISDivide_SOAR_layers.pdffile.
a Profile ID, corresponding to the original SOAR radar profiles.
.mat MATLAB file extension

Example: CC_X01a.mat: This file contains information corresponding to the central region, radar track X01, profile ID a. Further description of the radar tracks and profile IDs is available in the Note_WAISDivide_SOAR_layers.pdf file.

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File Size

Files range in size from 12 KB to 1088 KB.

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Total volume of the data set is approximately 3000 KB.

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Spatial Coverage

West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide:

Southernmost Latitude: 79.47°S
Northernmost Latitude: 79.47°S
Westernmost Longitude: 112.09°W
Easternmost Longitude: 112.09°W

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Temporal Coverage

Data were collected and processed between 2004 and 2010. The original SOAR radar data were collected in 1997 to 2001.These data are available from the University of Texas Institute of Geophysics:

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Parameter or Variable

The file Note_WAISDivide_Attenuation.pdf provides the estimated attenuation rates, along with a detailed description of the methods used to estimate attenuation rates. Parameters include two-way travel time, layer depth, returned power from individual layers, and radar attenuation. The MATLAB files use two-way-travel times and echo power strength to estimate englacial radar attenuation.

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Software and Tools

The attenuation rate data are accessible using standard document viewing software. To access the MATLAB (.mat) models, MATLAB software is required.

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Data Acquisition and Processing

Detailed descriptions of the models, radar profiles, and data results, are provided in the Note_WAISDivide_Attenuation.pdf and Note_WAISDivide_Attenuation.pdf files.

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References and Related Publications

Contacts and Acknowledgments

Dr. Charles Raymond
University of Washington 
Geophysics Program 
Box 351650
Seattle, WA 98195

Dr. Kenichi Matsuoka 
University of Washington
Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Seattle, WA 98105


This research was supported by NSF OPP grant 0338151.

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28 June 2010

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