Data in Action: Sensing Our Planet

Sensing Our Planet was published from 1994-2018 and featured research using data from NASA's Earth-observing satellites and related data from the EOSDIS data centers, including the NSIDC DAAC. 

Shown below are NSIDC DAAC Sensing Our Planet stories written by NSIDC staff; research described in the stories uses data archived and managed by the NSIDC DAAC. 

The stories are from the last five years of Sensing Our Planet;  the NASA Earthdata site provides a complete archive of Sensing Our Planet stories.

2018 Sensing Our Planet

Unwelcome enrichment in the Arctic

Microscopic plastics infiltrate Arctic sea ice with unknown consequences for the ecosystem.

Parameters: Ice velocity, sea ice motion

2017 Sensing Our Planet

Drought on the range

Ranchers want to know what to do about dry spells.

Parameter: Soil moisture

In the Zone

Sea ice may underpin the survival of Antarctic seabirds.

Parameter: sea ice concentration

2015 Sensing Our Planet

Heart of drought

A mighty forest fades in the Congo.

Parameter: Canopy microwave transmittance

A submarine retreat

New maps get to the bottom of Greenland’s outlet glaciers.

Parameters: Ice sheet elevations, Ice sheet thickness

Burned but not forgotten

Decades after a fire, high-elevation forests still shape a climate.

Parameter: Snow cover

2014 Sensing Our Planet

Unexpected ice

Sea ice in the Southern Ocean defies predictions.

Parameter: sea ice concentration

A baffling signal in the tropics

Convection meets the Indian Ocean for supersize weather.

Parameter: Rain type (convective or stratiform)