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intermediate discontinuous permafrost

(1) (North American usage) permafrost underlying 35 - 65% of the area of exposed land surface (2) (Russian usage) permafrost underlying 40 - 60% of the area of exposed land surface.

internal ice stress

a measure of the compactness, or strength of the ice; plays an important role in the deformation of the ice and formation of features such as ridges and leads.

interstitial ice

ice formed in narrow spaces between small rocks and sediment in soil.

intrapermafrost water

water occurring in unfrozen zones (taliks and cryopegs) within permafrost.

intrusive ice

ice formed from water injected into soils or rocks.


in meteorology, a departure from the usual (normal) decrease or increase with altitude of the value of an atmospheric property; also, the layer through which this departure occurs (the inversion layer); this term almost always refers to a temperature inversion.

isoband cryogenic fabric

a distinct soil micromorphology, resulting from the effects of freezing and thawing processes, in which soil particles form subhorizontal layers of similar thickness.


a line of equal or constant pressure; it most often refers to a line drawn through all points of equal atmospheric pressure.


a line drawn through geographical points recording equal amounts of precipitation during a specific period.

isolated cryopeg

a body of unfrozen ground, that is perennially cryotic (T < 0 degrees Celsius) and entirely surrounded by perennially frozen ground.

isolated patches of permafrost

permafrost underlying less than 10% of the exposed land surface.

isolated talik

a layer or body of unfrozen ground entirely surrounded by perennially frozen ground.

isostatic rebound

Isostatic rebound (also called continental rebound, post-glacial rebound or isostatic adjustment) is the rise of land masses that were depressed by the huge weight of ice sheets during the last ice age



a line of equal or constant temperature.