frozen ground or permafrost

sorted net

a type of patterned ground with cells that are equidimensional in several directions, neither dominantly circular nor polygonal, with a sorted appearance commonly due to borders of stones surrounding central areas of finer material.

sorted circle

a patterned ground form that is equidimensional in several directions, with a dominantly circular outline, and a sorted appearance commonly due to a border of stones surrounding a central area of finer material.

solifluction terrace

a low step, or bench, with a straight or lobate front, the latter reflecting local differences in the rate of solifluction movement.

solifluction sheet

a broad deposit of nonsorted, water-saturated, locally derived materials that is moving or has moved downslope.

solifluction lobe

an isolated, tongue-shaped solifluction feature, up to 25 meters (27 yards) wide and 150 meters (164 yards) or more long; formed by more rapid solifluction on certain sections of a slope showing variations in gradient.

solifluction features

geomorphological features of varying scale produced by the process of solifluction.

solifluction apron

a fan-like deposit at the base of a slope, produced by solifluction.


slow downslope flow of saturated unfrozen earth materials.

soil wedge

a wedge-shaped body of soil that is different in structure and texture from the surrounding soil.


melting of the snowcover, and also the period during which melting of the snow cover occurs at the end of the winter.


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