frozen ground or permafrost

stone-banked (solifluction) terrace

a solifluction terrace with a stony front.

stone-banked (solifluction) lobe

a solifluction lobe with a stony front.

stone garland

the downslope border of stones along a sorted step, embanking an area of relatively fine-grained bare ground upslope.

stone earth circle

a type of nonsorted circle developed in gravelly materials.

static cryosol

a mineral soil showing little or no evidence of cryoturbation, with permafrost within 1 meter (3.3 feet) below the surface.

sporadic discontinuous permafrost

(1) (North American usage) permafrost underlying 10 - 50% of the exposed land surface (2) (Russian usage) permafrost underlying 5 - 30% of the exposed land surface.

specific heat capacity

the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a unit mass of a substance by one degree.

sorted stripe

patterned ground with a striped and sorted appearance, due to parallel strips of stones and intervening strips of finer material, oriented down the steepest available slope.

sorted step

a patterned ground feature with a step-like form and a downslope border of stones embanking an area of relatively fine-grained bare ground upslope.

sorted polygon

a patterned ground form that is equidimensional in several directions, with a dominantly polygonal outline, and a sorted appearance commonly due to a border of stones surrounding a central area of finer material.


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