frozen ground or permafrost

thermal talik

a layer or body of unfrozen ground (in a permafrost area) in which the temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius due to the local thermal regime of the ground.

thermal regime of the ground

a general term encompassing the temperature distribution and heat flows in the ground and their time-dependence.

thermal properties of frozen ground

the properties of the ground governing the flow of heat through it, and its freezing and thawing conditions.

thermal pile

a foundation pile on which natural convection or forced circulation cooling systems or devices have been installed to remove heat from the ground.

thermal expansion (or contraction) coefficient

the volume change per unit volume of a substance due to a one degree change in its temperature.

thermal erosion

the erosion of ice-bearing permafrost by the combined thermal and mechanical action of moving water.

thermal diffusivity

the ratio of the thermal conductivity to the volumetric heat capacity.

thermal conductivity

the quantity of heat that will flow through a unit area of a substance in unit time under a unit temperature gradient.

thawing index

the cumulative number of degree-days above 0 degrees Celsius for a given time period.

thawing front

the advancing boundary between thawed ground and frozen ground.


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