frozen ground or permafrost

inactive rock glacier

a mass of rock fragments and finer material, on a slope, that contains either an ice core or interstitial ice, and shows evidence of past, but not present, movement.

inactive ice wedge

an ice wedge that is no longer growing.

icing mound

a seasonal frost mound consisting exclusively of thinly layered ice, formed by freezing of successive flows of water issuing from the ground or from below river ice.

icing glade

an area kept clear of trees and shrubs by the annual occurrence of icings.

icing blister

a seasonal frost mound consisting only of ice and formed at least in part through lifting of one or more layers of an icing by injected water.


a qualitative term describing the quantity of ice in frozen ground.

ice-wedge polygon

a polygon outlined by ice wedges underlying its boundaries.

ice-wedge cast

a filling of sediment in the space formerly occupied by an ice wedge.

ice-rich permafrost

permafrost containing excess ice.

ice-nucleation temperature

the temperature at which ice first forms during freezing of a soil/water system that does not initially contain ice.


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