frozen ground or permafrost


an artificial mixture of frozen soil materials cemented by pore ice, which forms a concrete-like construction material used in cold regions.

periglacial processes

processes associated with frost action in cold, nonglacial environments.

periglacial phenomena

landforms and soil characteristics produced by periglacial processes.


the conditions, processes and landforms associated with cold, nonglacial environments.


a layer of frozen ground which forms as part of the seasonally frozen ground (in areas free of permafrost or with a lowered permafrost table); remains frozen throughout one or several summers, and then thaws.


peat-covered terrain.

peat plateau

a generally flat-topped expanse of peat, elevated above the general surface of a peatland, and containing segregated ice that may or may not extend downward into the underlying mineral soil.

peat hummock

a hummock consisting of peat.


a deposit consisting of decayed or partially decayed humified plant remains.

patterned ground

a general term for any ground surface exhibiting a discernibly ordered, more or less symmetrical, morphological pattern of ground and, where present, vegetation.
A photograph taken from the air reveals patterned ground surrounding thaw lakes in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. —Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


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