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Arctic Atlases (CD-ROM)

The Arctic Atlases include a variety of observations painstakingly recorded over the past century in one of the most hostile climates on the planet. You can explore each Atlas to find atmospheric, oceanographic, and cryospheric data, maps, histories, and climate and weather facts on the Arctic climate system.

Good Days on the Trail, 1938-1942 (DVD)

This film documents student hiking trips conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder in Colorado during the summers of 1938-1942. Good Days on the Trail contains rare historical footage of the Rocky Mountains, including Arapaho Glacier and Fair Glacier. The film provides a unique record of what those areas looked like at that time, and may provide visual information on the extent of the glaciers. Digitized copies of the film are available on DVD.

Into the Arctic (CD-ROM)

This educational CD-ROM contains educational materials about climate change, using real data from a study of Greenland's ice sheet. Into the Arctic provides information, data, and graphics for students and teachers interested in learning about climate change. Lessons and activities are designed for use by secondary through lower-level college students studying Earth science, geography, history, social studies or chemistry.

Sensing Our Planet

Read about intriguing research from all Earth science disciplines, using data from NASA's Earth Observing System. Visit The NASA Earthdata Web site to read articles online, or order a printed copy.

When the Weather is Uggianaqtuq (CD-ROM)

Uggianaqtuq (pronounced OOG-gi-a-nak-took) is an Inuktitut word that means to behave unexpectedly, or in an unfamiliar way. From the perspective of many hunters and elders in the Arctic, the weather has been uggianaqtuq in recent years. In this interactive, multi-media CD-ROM, Inuit from two communties in Nunavut, Canada, share their observations and perspectives on recent environmental changes.

Related Resources

Tour of the Cryosphere Movie
An animated flight through the frozen areas of the Earth, produced by NASA using NSIDC data. Updated in 2009.

Google Earth Outreach
Google Earth files highlighting environment, climate change, and science.

University of Colorado at Boulder: Learn More About Climate
NSIDC Scientists Ted Scambos, Mark Serreze, and Shari Gearheard discuss climate change in a video, "Colorado's Changing Climate."

Exploring NASA's Operation IceBridge Data Sets through NSIDC's Data Portal to Visualize Changes in Polar Ice


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