Antarctic Megadunes: Megadunes Gallery

The images on this page were all taken during the megadunes expedition.

Military aircraft1. The megadunes team arrived at McMurdo Station on a C-141 Starlifter.

Firn sample2. Mary Albert holding a firn sample.

Transantarctic mountains3. Mt Erebus, an active volcano near McMurdo (it has been dormant since about 1750 except for occasional steam and ash).

PolarHaven building4. PolarHaven building at the McMurdo Snow School.

Rob Bauer with frosted balaclava5. Rob Bauer with frosted balaclava.

Ted Scambos in full gear6. Ted Scambos wearing full protective gear.

Snowmobiles with radar gear7. Ted Scambos (left) and Rob Bauer on traverse near TAM camp.

Radar gear on sled8. Ground penetrating radar system on a traverse from megadunes camp.

Long crack in snow9. Long crack in snow. Notice camera case in forefront for size.

Triple crack in snow10. Triple crack in snow. Notice footprint for size.