Collection Development and Gift Policy

The Roger G. Barry Archives and Resource Center at NSIDC (ARC @ NSIDC) will seek to collect, preserve, and provide access to materials in print and other physical and electronic formats to support the NSIDC mission to “to improve our understanding of the Earth’s frozen regions" and the Earth as a system.

A secondary objective will be to provide resources for the cryospheric community at large to support individual, educational, governmental and other information needs. In addition, we hope to create a collection that will, through sharing, benefit the national and international higher education community.

Selected materials will be added to the collection based on a continuing analysis of the evolving research interests, user needs, and the strengths and weaknesses of the similar collections in the cryospheric community. ARC @ NSIDC reserves the right to make the final decision on those materials and resources that will be acquired for or withdrawn from its collections.

In selecting materials, ARC @ NSIDC fully subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, issued by the American Library Association. Among other rights, this statement affirms that no materials shall be excluded because of the origin, background, or view on current and historical issues, and that censorship should be challenged.


  1. Gifts-in-kind should meet the same selection criteria as purchases. While the gifts are free, the processing is expensive as well as the space in which to store them.
  2. Gifts may be refused based upon physical condition, i.e., too costly to store safely or repair.
  3. Once accepted, gifts become the property of ARC @ NSIDC, which reserves the right to dispose of each gift as necessary based upon ARC @ NSIDC’s collection development policy. Disposition includes retention and cataloging, exchange, or discard.
  4. It is usually not possible to promise special treatment for gifts, such as designated shelving or keeping the gift items together. Exceptions may be discussed with Librarians and others within NSIDC as appropriate.
  5. By law, assessment of the value of gifts must be the responsibility of the donors who must arrange for their own appraisals.
  6. Generally, donations of gifts-in-kind are delivered to the Libraries by the donor. If shipped, it is usually at donor's expense. Exceptions must be referred to the Collections Development Librarian.
  7. ARC @ NSIDC will not accept as a part of its permanent collection those materials to which it cannot provide physical and intellectual access.