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People at NSIDC are key to our data management and scientific missions. NSIDC includes specialists in data program management, scientific research, scientific programming, data operations, data systems, Web technology, information architecture, Center administration, communications, outreach, and user services.

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NSIDC Director Mark Serreze, Senior Research Scientist

Mark Serreze

Mark Serreze is the director of NSIDC. In 2009, he succeeded Dr. Roger Barry, who retired from the post in 2008 after 31 years of service. Serreze, a senior research scientist at NSIDC since 2005, is also a full professor in the University of Colorado at Boulder Geography Department, a Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), and an American Meteorological Society Fellow. He studies Arctic climate, and the causes and global implications of climate change in the Arctic. Serreze is well known for his research on the declining sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean.

Serreze has authored more than 90 scientific publications, including an award-winning textbook, The Arctic Climate System, which he co-wrote with former NSIDC director Roger Barry. He has also served on numerous advisory boards and science steering committees. In 2004, he testified before the U.S. Congress on changes in Arctic sea ice cover. In 2007, Serreze gave the Nye Lecture at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

For more on Mark Serreze and his research, as well as other NSIDC researchers, please see Scientists at NSIDC.

Scientists at NSIDC

NSIDC Scientists have expertise in a range of fields related to the cryosphere. Read about their research specialties and projects in the Research section of our site.

Management at NSIDC

The National Snow and Ice Data Center encompasses several data centers, data management programs, and data projects. Specialized data managers lead these programs and projects, and provide shared services and infrastructure to all constituents of NSIDC.

NSIDC management are versed in sound data management practices, and are often active in community dialogue and research regarding data management. Each person brings unique education, experiences, and interests to NSIDC's data management portfolio, ensuring best practices within the Center and shared among programs.

Title Professional Title/Organization Specialties
Mark Serreze

NSIDC Director
Professor, Department of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder
CIRES Fellow
American Meteorological Society Fellow

Arctic climate; global implications; and climate warming in the Arctic

Kate Heightley

Deputy Manager, NASA Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)

Team engagement, software process definition and implementation and Improvement, schedule management, budget planning and management, enterprise architecture and technologies, agile and test driven development

Amanda Leon

Manager, NASA NSIDC Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)

Program administration, Earth science data management, project management, data systems development

Joni "J" Reeves

NSIDC Senior Administrator

Finance, human resources, and facilities

Donna Scott

Programs and Projects Lead

Organizational process development and administration, Earth science data management, project management

Chris Torrence

Software Development Team Manager

Software development, agile development, user-interface design, scientific data formats

Doug Young

Technical Services Group Manager

Finding technical solutions to evolving requirements, computer and information systems architecture, evaluate emerging technologies