Jessica Voveris

Graduate Student

About Jessica

Jessica Voveris is a graduate student with the University of Colorado Boulder's Geography Department, and a graduate research assistant with the National Snow and Ice Data Center under the direction of her advisor, Mark Serreze. She primarily assists with the Arctic Rain-on-Snow Study at NSIDC, providing meteorological expertise. She has six years of prior experience with various agencies of the US federal government, working in backgrounds ranging from energy regulation to operational meteorology.


Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, weather data analysis and forecasting, Arctic weather and climate, weather observational systems

Current Research

Meteorological Drivers of Arctic Rain-on-Snow Events and How Climate Change May Influence Associated Risks: Rain-on-snow (ROS) events produce extreme event criteria and impacts, especially when they occur over Arctic regions. These events generate hazards ranging from flooding to icing concerns for the transportation sector to starvation events among native herding species (like reindeer and caribou), a resource heavily relied upon by Indigenous Peoples. This research seeks to understand the weather patterns governing Arctic ROS events by utilizing data sets of ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis, meteorological station observations, and upper air atmospheric soundings. The work also includes considering how climate change may alter the severity and frequency of ROS events.


B.S., Meteorology (minor in Mathematics), University of Oklahoma at Norman


University of Colorado Boulder Center of the American West, Thompson Writing Awards