David Gallaher

Senior Associate Scientist
Manager, Technical Services


M.S., Northern Arizona University, 1984
B.S., University of Illinois, 1979


Big Data analytics, satellite remote sensing, spatial-temporal information systems, large scale database integration, raster and vector GIS, satellite system development, production data systems, data center energy efficiency, contract administration, organizational structures, work plans, project management, prioritization methodologies, and IT best practices.

  • Project Manager and Co-Investigator on an NSF grant for a project to design and prototype a process (through creation of a condensate database "Data Rods") for addressing time-series data as pure objects that will enable time-centric change analysis of massive remote sensing data.
  • Principal Investigator on a project to recover Nimbus satellite data from the 1960s to determine the sea ice extent during that decade.
  • Part of the team building a low cost CubeSat “PolarCube,” a 118GHz Passive microwave satellite to monitor polar ice and atmospheric conditions.
  • Award winning  “Green Data Center” at NSIDC that reduced the power consumption for cooling by 90 percent and total energy use by more than 70 percent.

Recent Highlights

IT Services Manager, National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, CO, 2007-present
IT Director, City of Boulder, Boulder, CO, 2005-2007
IT Development Manager, Jefferson County, Golden, CO, 1995-2005
Manager GIS, Advanced Sciences Incorporated, San Diego, CA, 1992-1995
Manager GIS Development, Petroleum Information Corporation, Littleton, CO, 1988-1992

Current Roles

David is responsible for the IT systems at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The center has an interdisciplinary staff providing data management and scientific support to the cryospheric sciences. The IT group has about 20 staff engaged in database, systems administration, and engineering.



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