Hello to new services in Reverb|ECHO; Goodbye to Data Pool search and order

New services that can be applied to AMSR-E and MODIS data have recently been added to the Reverb search and order tool. NASA Reverb|ECHO and NSIDC recently implemented these services in preparation for the decommissioning of the Data Pool search and order interface. Service options include reformatting the data from HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF, reprojection, and spatial or parameter subsetting. We created a tutorial to help data users access these data services.

The Data Pool search and order interface will be decommissioned on 28 August 2013. If you used the Data Pool search and order interface to reformat, reproject, or subset data, please use the new data services in Reverb. The Data Pool FTP site that provides direct access to data granules will remain available after the Data Pool search and order interface is decommissioned.

Reverb Search and Order


Looking for sample code for reading and visualizing NSIDC’s HDF data?

Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) supports a variety of data types and allows for the transfer and manipulation of scientific data across diverse operating systems and computer platforms. It was developed by the HDF Group at the University of Illinois and is the standard data format for all NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) data.

A variety of HDF data are distributed at NSIDC, including data from the AMSR-E, MODIS, and GLAS sensors as well as the NISE data set.

Despite the versatility of HDF, some data users have had difficulty in reading and displaying HDF data and often ask if we have sample code for reading HDF data in programs such as IDL and MATLAB.

Fortunately, the HDF Group provides sample code for access and visualization of HDF data into IDL, MATLAB, and NCL. Access to the sample code for NSIDC HDF data is provided on the HDF Group’s HDF-EOS Comprehensive Examples Web page.

Also note that this information can be found in our Online Support under the AMSR-E, MODIS, GLAS, and NISE forums.

Sample Matlab plot of AMSR-E 12km Sea Ice

Sample plot generated in MATLAB from AMSR-E 12km Sea Ice data (from http://hdfeos.org/zoo/).